About Thomas

Thomas Katona is an international destination wedding photographer based in Firenze and London. He is married and has two beautiful daughters.

As a kid Thomas decided to be a photographer and at the age of six, with his first camera, he made the first steps. Short time after, to his wedding photographer uncle’s inspiration he developed his black and white photos for himself.
Thomas Katona wedding photographer’s passion for the analog technology remained till nowadays and he shoots black and white photo series to slide strips to his customers in many cases.

Thomas’s clients like his impetuosity and they say that through his wedding photos he able to show the feelings of the couples, and portrays them most beautifully on his wedding pictures.

He is very conscious of his purpose and his wedding photos are aimed at the essential, and are not forced or artictial. This is typical to his fashion and portrait-works too.

His style is wedding photojournalism with emotional, sophisticated artistic depiction. He tries to visualize the happenings in a way that the viewer can feel himself as a participant of the moment.

Thomas Katona’s pictures have appeared for instance in Time Out, Shape, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Fhm, and many other magazines. In his references, we can find Vodafone, Kaza-Concrete, Michelin, Hello Kitty, RTL Group, Stihl, Cango&Rinaldi, and Hirschmann’s  too.

Thomas Katona photographer participated in numerous successful commercial-campaigns. He has shot photos of the Formula-1, and participated in the La Estancia Polo Open series with his work. During the Olympic Games in Athens he received a request to do a portrait series about the men’s water polo champion team. From these black and white portrait photos were used for a wall calendar.

He was the official photographer of the 2011 Film festival in Dallas-Texas.

At present, he devotes most of his work and time to wedding photography, but besides that he also makes personal portrait, family portrait and professional company pictorials for his clients.