Frequent questions

What is your style of photography?
My style is emotional, sophisticated artistic depiction. I try to visualize the happenings in a way that viewer can feel himself as a participant of the moment.The authentic imagery is as much a part of my wedding photos as the special portraits.

Do you make partial, family-and group photos too?
I follow the events of the day. Of course I do, since weddings are not only about two person but about all those family members and friends who are celebrating with you.

Do you contract photo shoots in extreme locations?
Yes.Everywhere! On the ground, on water, underwater and in the air too.

Do you work alone?
Usually yes, but on big weddings (more then 130 person) i am working with my wife Alice who is professional wedding photographer too.

We love the analog technique. Love the film.Do you working with film cameras?
Yes, yes, yes! This is my everlasting love… I have two medium format cameras(Pentax 67 and Hasselblad 503CW). Unexcelled!

When can we see the pictures?
We adjust every picture one by one for you to be more beautiful. In the following two weeks after the wedding day, the whole series will be ready and send it with dhl or ups system.

In what farm can we get our picture?
The pictures are always written to dvd-s or usb stick which contains the pictures in their true resolutions and Facebook optimised sizes too.

 Do you design and create Wedding Albums?
Yes. I design to every clients all the albums myself. This albums are available in different sizes with many covers. Please check the Info/Albums menu.

How can we reserve you?
Please use the form sheet below the contact menu,where you can ask your further questions too about the important details, our products and free appointments.
One appointment is anyhow important to clarify the details of the wedding. After that we send you your contract and the way you can pay the 40% reservation fee.