Our thoughts

The Life,
The Moment,
The Experience,
The Togetherness…

In Your opinion what is Life? For me, it is a multitude of snapshots. Of snapshots what we see, what we perceive by our eyes, but most of them will be missing from the imaginary photo album of our mind. Though the human mind is a ‘miraculous invention’, it is still not suitable to store every image.

As a wedding photographer our job is to immortalize these snapshots and this is the greatest job ever. We can spend our days with people celebrating their love for each other, as they set off on the lifelong adventure of marriage and we can be part of that.

People, poses, position, placement and the priority for each – just a few of the elements that need to harmonize to produce great wedding photos. This is our philosophy and approach to every photo. From behind the lens, our goal is to do more than simply capture each element – it is to create the perfect balance of these elements in each of the photos that will become the everlasting memories of your special time, that will tell your love story, in that you will see the glance, in each others eyes, that you will love forever!